Brett Ashby



  • Title: S-Paint
  • Client: City of Maribyrnong
  • School: Phoenix Youth Centre, Maribyrnong
  • Material: Cement Skate Park
  • Genre: Community Art Mural
  • Year: 2015

Phoenix Youth Centre, Maribyrnong, live art by Brett Ashby.
Video produced by Minoli James & Co, Melbourne.

Artist Brett Ashby was engaged to provide a treatment that reinvents the street art and vandalism which occurs at the Yarraville skate park. A series of youth workshops were undertaken by artist Brett Ashby and staff at the Phoenix Youth Centre, Maribyrnong.

Throughout these classes and art workshops, the students developed their own ideas and designed the treatment to be painted on site in Yarraville. These ideas included paint selection, stencil creation, brain storms, research styles, themes, colour selections and more. The outcome was to visualise the energy produced but a skater or person who races around inside the concrete skate park. The concluded paintings would need to represent these marks and from our research create a sense of speed, while also retaining the marks of previous street artists.

Student paintings and stencils. A great group of youth students coming out of their comfort zones, facing their fears. Expression through new ways of looking at a place or space.

Copyright (C) 2006.