Brett Ashby



  • Title: Circadian Rhythm
  • Venue: Riverlinks
  • Genre: Exhibition
  • Genre: Mixed media oil painting
  • Year: 2019

In a world of digital technology and mobile devices, the artist exposes his audience to blue light, digital technology and mobile device engagement through his exhibit. The effects of blue light consume you, the artist and QR codes reveal a series of works by the artist before being diagnosed with cancer.

Ashby is proud to exhibit ‘Circadian Rhythm’ as a survivor!

Circadian Rhythm

Thursday 1 August – Tuesday 10 September
Riverlinks- Performing Arts
70 Welsford Street,
Shepparton, VIC, 3630

21 original canvas artworks go on show
For full artwork details please email, Rochelle on:

Artist Statement:

Brett’s work is based on energy with natural forces and the elements. He creates painted surfaces such as canvas or aluminium, site-specific installations, live performance paintings, photographs and video compositions. His art draws equal inspiration from scientific visualisation and traditions of geometric abstraction found in sound healing.

In a world full of digital technology and mobile devices, Brett exposes his audience to blue light, digital technology and mobile device engagement. Brett has removed the physical artwork and replaced it with a QR code to represent the cause and effect of being a cancer survivor. The question is what leads to all our illness and interrupts our circadian rhythm?

About the Artist:

Brett Ashby is an Australian artist. He began doing art in his primary years with his first exhibit in his Principals office in grade two. Brett graduated with a MA Interactive Media and Animation degree in Melbourne (Australia) where his studio is based. Ashby practices predominantly in digital video, photographic collage and skateboarding works that capture and manipulate time, energy and motion. He has exhibited and resided all over Europe, America, Australia and Asia, since 2006. Contemporary, public and performance artist, painting energy from the universe while skateboarding.

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