Brett Ashby



  • Title: Bondi Life
  • Client: Waverley Council
  • Client: Sculpture by the Sea
  • Sponsor: Minderoo Foundation
  • Genre: Mixed media oil painting
  • Year: 2014

Performance based live art at Sculpture by the Sea, 2014.
Virtual excursions and artist spotlight talks with Brett Ashby and Sarah Rodigari, education and communities NSW Government via Dart connections.

My recent work involves the ideas of movement and capturing our physical actions represented as art. This has developed from interest in educational theories and projects involving community engagement. These have directly related back to my exploration of society and reality. The impact of others has shifted my thought process within artistic practice to further engage and elaborate on the thoughts and actions of society as a collective.

New projects involve my study of what I once considered a hobby or a talent of mine to now being the device for my art and community awareness. In commercialised hobbies such as skateboarding and drumming I have found the rhythm and energy that connects artistic practice. This newfound method of connecting and engaging with society has informed my art.

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