Brett Ashby / Gertrude

All We Can’t See, is a video artwork that represents energy, culture violence and social abuse visible through the use of a community skate ramp. Resonate on attack and segregation across time and space.

Ashby’s work is based on energy with natural forces and the elements.
He creates painted surfaces such as canvas or aluminium, site-specific installations, live performance paintings, photographs and video compositions. The piece draws equal inspiration from scientific visualization and traditions of geometric abstraction in contemporary art.

The performance work uses a community skate park (social inclusion) as the studio space, the skateboarding artist as the identity (commercialised sport/ hobby/ object) and represents human behaviour hidden by the culture of skateboarding (society and marginalised groups).

Art by Brett Ashby

*This video has been compressed for event viewing only

Please note a new version of this video would be produced for the The Gertrude Street event. Audio is not required for projection of artwork. Ashby has video files which have not been exhibited thus far and ready for site specific editing.